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Is TikTok the next enemy of parents?

TikTok is a relatively new application that is used by children as young as 10 years old, right up to adults 80+.

While mostly users are using it as a way to express themselves during lockdown, others are using it as a means to contact minors, without parents ever realising it was possible.

A contact of mine shared a status today showing what was going on, on his young daughters TikTok account.

Parents know that children are on this social media platform, however they do not know what goes on privately. Is checking your child’s TikTok account breaching their privacy? No. Parents should be checking their child’s accounts regularly. Things can happen under your nose without you even realising.

In the story that a connection of mine shared, it showed that a male from the east had been messaging his daughter. On TikTok you are not able to direct message a person unless you both follow each other. So how did he entice his daughter into following him back? Maybe she saw a TikTok she thought was funny and wanted to see more videos like this? To see more from this person you would have to follow them. This action then opened a whole other method of contacting each other privately without realising the risks of this.

Once a predator can privately contact their prey the messages never stop. They push until they get what they want. In this case it was their mobile number. The minor gave their mobile number out, this then opening a whole other means of contacting the minor.

Mobile numbers are linked to so much personal information. Other social media accounts with your number attached to are given out to this person, meaning your full name has been divulged to them. If your profile is public they also have your date of birth and location. Having your full name and your date of birth and location they can easily find your address.

So now from one action on TikTok, a person on the other side of the globe has your full name, your address, your date of birth etc. What we have not yet covered it’s the end to end encryption chat service known as WhatsApp. On this app you can share anything. This includes photos, video’s, Video chats etc. All free and untraceable on a telephone bill.

Now ask yourself this. Do you really know what children are up to on social media? Should TikTok be protecting minors more? Should TikTokers be showing their age publicly?

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