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The Easing of The Rental Eviction Ban

On 23rd of August the rental eviction ban is lifted.

Stepchange has joined forces with a housing campaign group to urge MP Robert Jenrick to ensure nobody who was effected by Covid-19 loses their home.

Nobody should lose their home, but where does this leave private landlords?

Landlords are entitled to apply to their mortgage company for a mortgage holiday. This only lasts 3 months. What can landlords do after this date? Landlords can apply for a loan with the government backed Landlord Covid-19 Loan scheme.

This still leaves the question of how is this going to financially support private landlord while renters live in their properties for free?

If a person looses their job due to the Covid-19 pandemic or otherwise, they are entitled to claim universal credit.

Universal credit will assess the tenant’s financial situation along with any savings they have. They will help pay rent for a property they live in, not in its entirety but for the most part. The 3 month mortgage payment holiday should be enough time for a tenant to apply and be accepted or declined for universal credit. If the tenant is awarded assistance with housing costs and they choose to keep this money and not pass it on to their landlord then should they loose their home?

Landlords may be missing a proportion of the money they are entitled to under the rental agreement, however getting part payment is better than no payment at all.

Some tenants may use the pandemic as an excuse to not pay anything for their own financial gain, and still have a roof over their head free of charge. How do landlord prove this? If this is proved should landlord be able to evict their tenants? Before the pandemic this was allowed.

Debt resolution can be a way for a landlord to regain what they have lost over a period of time. If this is something that cant be resolved in house, Jinks Credit Management offer a service to mediate between the landlord and the tenant to ensure a seamless resolution.

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